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WIKIFX REPORT: RoboForex Was Recognised as The Best Broker for Trading Stocks In 2022

摘要:The London Trader Show Awards 2022 is an exhibition that 在 RoboForex 快捷向账户存款 has been held since 2010 and is considered a landmark event in the industry of trading and investing.


RoboForex, an international broker that provides services for trading on financial markets in many countries all over the world, was named the winner in the Best Stocks Broker Global 2022 category at The London Trader Show Awards 2022. The winners will be rewarded on 25 February 2022 in the Novotel London West hotel in London.

The London Trader Show Awards 2022 is an exhibition that has been held since 2010 在 RoboForex 快捷向账户存款 and is considered a landmark event in the industry of trading and investing. Some of the best experts in the industry will deliver different workshops and seminars to share their knowledge and experience with attendees, and also will provide some real tools for more successful work on financial markets.

The winners have been determined by the votes of the professional trader community on the exhibitions official website from 6 January to 15 February 2022. During this period, any visitor of the website had the opportunity to complete the 在 RoboForex 快捷向账户存款 survey and choose their favourites in 11 nominations.在 RoboForex 快捷向账户存款

Robert Stephenson, CBO at RoboForex: “It‘s a great honour for us to be recognised as the best broker for trading stocks in 2022. We offer our clients to trade over 12,000 instruments, which include stocks, ETFs, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. RoboForex pays particular attention to the stock market as we consistently develop and improve our proprietary solutions in this area, the web platform and mobile application R StocksTrader. This product is at the top of our line and may be considered unique in many respects throughout the industry. This 在 RoboForex 快捷向账户存款 award is proof that our efforts did not go unnoticed. We’d like to thank everyone who voted for RoboForex and helped us to receive this award.”

About RoboForex

RoboForex is a company, 在 RoboForex 快捷向账户存款 which delivers brokerage services. The company provides traders, who work on financial markets, with access to its proprietary trading platforms. RoboForex Ltd has the brokerage license IFSC 000138/210. More detailed information about the Companys products and activities can be found on the official website at roboforex.com.

Roboforex In Malaysia

Lost In Malaysia 是由马来西亚外汇交易策略研究与教育中心所主持的外汇投资基金,基金挂靠单位为 Roboforex Ltd, 受到 FCA、CySEC 及 IFSC 的联合监管。

Lost In Malaysia 的愿景 :在全球经济衰退以及亚盘货币不断贬值的今天,通过买卖英镑(GBP)、美金(USD)、欧元(EUR)及澳币(AUD)来为世界各地的投资者们实现财富的保本以及迅速积累。

得益于Roboforex平台的Copyfx复制交易系统,我们得以将我们的交易策略共享给来自全球的外汇投资者。通过Copyfx跟单系统,投资者们只需在Roboforex平台的后台通过一次设置,便可以 授权自己的MT4账户等比例地复制我们MT4中的交易单子 。通过这样的设置,大家的资金依然是在自己的MT4账户,我们是无法挪用这一边资金的,进而保证了大家的资金安全。关于Copyfx的更多优势,您可以点击这里阅读更多:Copyfx的优势

Lost In Malaysia 外汇投资基金的核心交易策略是人工判断后使用EA进行交易。我们知道,市场无时无刻都在发生变化,特别是近年来全球政治风波不断,如英国脱欧风波延续、狂人特朗普出任美国总统后带来全球金融恐慌等等,都使得既有的策略出现失灵的现象。因此,经过我们交易团队的努力,我们决定将通过小组讨论的方式,来确定基本面的变化趋势,而后将选择相应的EA来对盈利进行收割,进一步保证了Lost In Malaysia 外汇投资基金的可持续盈利性。与此同时,凭借着长期以来优秀的资金管理策略, 在风险可控的情况下,Lost In Malaysia 外汇投资基金可以以更低的交易风险来协助广大投资者获取更多的收益








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你好,你好嗎?這個經紀人被我偷走了,它不支付給它的交易員,我提取了 300 美元,他們從來沒有到過我的錢包,它在操作時也操縱圖表,是時候控制這家公司了.



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30$ welcome bonus

Welcome Bonus 30 USD is an extra funds 在 RoboForex 快捷向账户存款 for RoboForex Ltd clients, who have passed the complete verification. Join the promo offer and receive an initial capital for trading at the least cost to your investments!

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The offer is valid for clients from all countries, except for Republic of Indonesia and Islamic Republic of Pakistan.


RoboForex Ltd provides quality services for trading with different assets. RoboForex is an international broker that has been operating since 2009 and over the years of the Company’s existence, we’ve shown that our trading conditions are honest and transparent, and won confidence of thousands of clients. RoboForex Ltd is a Member of the Compensation Fund of The Financial Commission. The Compensation Fund is a service included with Financial Commission membership which provides protection up to 20,000 EUR per case should a Member refuse to adhere to a judgment from the Financial Commission. RoboForex Ltd and its affiliates do not target EU/EEA/UK clients. RoboForex Ltd and it affiliates don't work on the territory of the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Bonaire, Curaçao, 在 RoboForex 快捷向账户存款 在 RoboForex 快捷向账户存款 在 RoboForex 快捷向账户存款 East Timor, Iran, Liberia, Saipan, Russia, Sint Eustatius, Tahiti, Turkey