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We build web &
mobile applications

We are a dynamic team of developers and designers.
We have a track record of building high-quality software with proven results.

Services we offer

Ruby on Rails

We have been using Ruby on Rails to build web applications for 10+ years. We love Ruby on Rails, and we are constantly contributing to Ruby on Rails code to make it even more awesome.

React.Binary.com 经纪人审查和测试 js

React.js helps us build web applications with a better user experience. React.js is incredibly fast, and it lends itself to creating reusable components. Our clients love using React.js.

React Native

React Native allows us to have a single codebase for both Android and iOS applications. It means our team Binary.com 经纪人审查和测试 can deliver features faster while reusing most of the components for both platforms.

BigBinary has been a huge asset for Gumroad. They've helped us ship features we wouldn't have been able to Binary.com 经纪人审查和测试 otherwise. If you’re looking for a ruby/rails-focused dev shop, they have my full endorsement!

10+ years of Binary.com 经纪人审查和测试 web development
using Ruby on Rails

We have been using Ruby on Rails for 10+ years. We recognized early on that Ruby on Rails was a game-changer. We jumped on it early and we never looked back.

We make Ruby on Rails better

Over the years, BigBinary team members have made tons of open-source contributions to Ruby on Rails code. Besides code contribution, we have written hundreds of technical blogs on the upcoming changes in Ruby on Rails. BigBinary team members are constantly giving back to Binary.com 经纪人审查和测试 the Rails community by organizing meetups and sponsoring events like Rails Girls.

Open source is
our lifestyle

BigBinary has made extensive contributions to open-source projects like Ruby on Rails, React.js, jQuery, Sinatra, Backbone.js, Spree, BabelJS, and many more.
In addition to contributing to open-source projects, we observe how these projects are managed, and we try to run our development using their core principles of collaboration and open Binary.com 经纪人审查和测试 discussion.

We author books
and courses

BigBinary takes learning seriously. We believe in sharing knowledge, and we constantly strive to give back to the community. We have authored several books and courses, like BigBinary Academy, that help developers learn and sharpen skills.

Blogs &

Our industry-leading blog is widely distributed, and often Binary.com 经纪人审查和测试 covered by publications like Ruby Inside and the Ruby Weekly Newsletter. From time to time, we Binary.com 经纪人审查和测试 even publish episodes for Rails Weekly.

Inc 5000

Inc. 5000 lists BigBinary as one of the fastest-growing companies in the USA for the third time.

Financial Times

The Financial Times has ranked BigBinary as one of The America's Fastest Growing Companies in 2022.



Looking for a EUR USD 3 to 5 minute binary call option. Looing for a reversal in price around the 1.1720 area. Don't take unless it hits zone on chart. Look for impulse into zone, and reversal around 12 AM EST.

BNXUSDTPERP: BNX/USDT pullback before the rally - 36% growth expected

I love how the price action played out, currently we are at the long-term support level. At Binary.com 经纪人审查和测试 the same time we must not forget the bounce of a strong Fibonacci based support. This might result in the fast rally, towards the Fibs resistance near $170


At this level, a good buy Binary.com 经纪人审查和测试 on $BTCUSD would be great for all traders especially day traders. Use risk management principles to ensure your trades are safe. HAPPY BUY!

XAUUSD: gold sell scalp

gold is at a major weekly resistance, expecting a bounce back if all plays out. entry 1854.41 stop loss 1861.46 take profit 1842.70 Binary.com 经纪人审查和测试 good luck and use proper risk management.

BTCUSD: BITCOIN about to make that push!

wassup my peeps, yes u read right, bitcoin to the moon they say well that may just be the case here. BTC is currently rebounding off the weekly support, also on the daily chart above we can also see price is holding above the 200 moving average and also we saw a pinbar candle close to a major support level. With Binary.com 经纪人审Binary.com 经纪人审查和测试 查和测试 these confluences and price action signals i will.

XRPUSD: Xrp on golden ratio retracement

I can see the Xrp bullish price Binary.com 经纪人审查和测试 action and on daily time frame xrp was on uptrend until the China bitcoin crash. I show you that xrp's fib retracement point and also possible target 1.80 Also on fundemental side Ripple has good news. Let s watch and see the action .

XTZUSD: Mt.BFX | Tezos XTZ Structure Map | $900

The analysis includes multiple methods of technical analysis to produce a map. The labels for the chart and what the chart says are on the chart itself, more information about how to create a chart like this will come with updates to this idea. A quick rundown of what I do use are: Trend Line to extend from two lowest structure closes. Horizontal Ray tool.

TRXUSD: TRON Long Term View

Possible 1-3-5 with growth cycles mapped in grey horizontal lines with prices on the line. Rounding bottom pattern forming the swing low, confirmation based on whether the bullish volume is correct and price moves higher, confirming the rounding bottom as the actual bottom. Risk is that TRON just stops acting sending the perceived value to zero.

BNBUSDT: BNB, Binance coin - range. only local trading

This post isn't about entry points. This post for everyone who asks me: "Yuriy, what do u think about BNB price for 6 months?" ( the same questions for a lot of altcoins.) Friends, Binary.com 经纪人审查和测试 nobody knows it. 1) Now the price is in a big range. 2) Now I trade only Binary.com 经纪人审查和测试 local patterns inside a range and recommend you to do the same. 3) We must keep in mind at least 3 scenarios.

EURJPY: EUR JPY 5 min Sell

Looking for a 5 min sell on EJ in the 129.835 area. If it does not hit zone don't take.



EURJPY: Binary Option 2 x 1 (+0,27%)

Using our indicator (Binary Option Turbo M1 by Mercalona), today we unfortunately had a loss. But it's ok, we are within our Binary.com 经纪人审查和测试 management and we still had a 0.27% profit. Try our script for free. (Binary Option Turbo Binary.com 经纪人审查和测试 M1 by Mercalona) Please, feedback us.

EURGBP: Taking 8 X 2 on EURGBP M15

Using Binary Option Script: Binary-Option-Turbo-M1-by-Mercalona

GBPJPY: Binary Option - GBPJPY - M1 - 4x2 by with this signal indicator

Hello, I am developing a binary option indicator. It`s based on support and resistance, show signals with high assertiveness.

Reach new heights with your ERP

Industry-leading solutions embedded in Dynamics 365 Finance, Dynamics 365 Business Central, and Microsoft Dynamics GP powered by over 20 years of experience.


The future of Subscription Billing in D365 Finance

Join us for an overview of the core use cases and positioning for Subscription Billing in Dynamics 365 Finance.

Empower your team with comprehensive solutions for consolidation accounting, subscription billing, lease administration, and supply chain management.

Automate, analyze, and act upon all your financial data from one centralized environment using our innovative solutions.

Find Binary.com 经纪人审查和测试 the solution for your unique needs

Consolidation accounting
Subscription management
Lease administration
Software and IT

Make sure your operations are cost-effective, efficient, and scalable. Help your company grow with solutions tailor-made for software companies. Automate recurring billing and invoicing and make use of multiple pricing structures in one contract including one-time set-up fees, monthly hosting Binary.com 经纪人审查和测试 Binary.com 经纪人审查和测试 charges, annual support renewals, tiered pricing, usage-based billing, and more.


Support the unique needs of thousands of customers and adjust to their changes swiftly. Streamline your processes and enable future growth. Allows you to Binary.com 经纪人审查和测试 automate recurring billing and invoicing for multiple billing models.


Ensure your success with software that has been tried and tested for 20 years. Rapidly improve inventory management, receipt of goods, ordering and order fulfillment, serial and lot value inputting, document consolidation, and manage multiple companies and entities.

Real estate

Manage all your data and reports with ease and confidence, and make sure you have the tools you need to properly handle the complications of recurring billing and property lease management. Centralize your operations with a single Binary.com 经纪人审查和测试 database and easily generate separate performance reports for each property.

Finance and insurance

Fortify your critical financial and accounting processes and enhance your business analytics capabilities. Gain confidence with cost-effective insights into your company’s financial health. Real-time, dynamic reporting that is embedded in your system.

Healthcare and long-term care

Handle inventory and materials management workflows efficiently and with no errors. Improve provisioning and productivity, reduce operational costs, and get clear insights into the financial wellbeing of your organization. Manage multiple sites with a scalable solution that allows you to multiply your long-term care facilities without multiplying your costs.

Hospitality and franchising

Cater to a wide range of markets—across numerous franchises— with streamlined processes that ensure the quality of your customers' experience. Manage financial records across many locations, handle transactions between them, and gain performance insights that are fast, Binary.com 经纪人审查和测试 easy, and secure.

Deriv.com and Binary.com API Help

Welcome to the forum to help support users Binary.com 经纪人审查和测试 of the Deriv/Binary API. Feel free to ask questions here and get answers from the community.

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